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Top of the List Tuesday: My Top 25 Star Wars Sneakers

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is just around the corner.
(Release Date in the PH is December 17, 2015.)

If you're a Star Wars fan (and/or a sneakerhead), I hope you know that some brands like Vans release Star Wars themed Apparel every May 4th, cause if you don't, then you're missing out.

I bet that following the hype of the new movie, mainstream brands would release Star Wars apparel and merchandise.

For me, Adidas has been the leading brand to offer Star Wars apparel and footwear. 
Ever since, I've always remembered them releasing Star Wars stuff regularly. Whenever I stop by an Adidas store, I still see one or two Star Wars merchandise even until now, it seems that they never run out of it.

I still remember the time I saw Star Wars themed Adidas Superstars and I really wanted a pair, but that was way back when I was in high school and I didn't have the means to buy it on the spot. But now that I'm an adult, and being an adult means I can buy Star Wars Stuff with my hard earned cash, I am patiently anticipating the next release of Star Wars goodies I can get my hands on.

so I decided to gather my Top 25 (because 10 wasn't enough duh) Star Wars sneakers, in the hopes that these shoes would be re-released in time for the new Star Wars movie.

Read on and join me in the dark side.

1.  Adidas Star Wars Superstar II Darth Vader

These are the pair that I saw way back . I love clean looking, timeless shoes that would go well with all my outfits and superstars are perfect for my kind of style. With simple shoes like the Adidas Superstar, its all about the details, and these Darth Vader details make it even more awesome and adds character to your outfit. Even a basic plain white shirt and black pants would look great when you're wearing these. These would look especially well when you're wearing a black cloak and asking people to join the dark side.

2. Star Wars X Vans A New Hope

The A New Hope poster on these Classic Vans Slip-On really make the pair pop. Its good to wear for those lazy days when you don't wanna dress up, you can just wear clothes with plain colors and wear this pair, and your outfit is instantly complete.

3. Adidas Original Star Wars Stormtrooper Superstar II 

This is basically the opposite of the Darth Vader Superstar. Would go well with smart casual outfits. whereas the Darth Vader Superstar would look good with edgier street style outfits. Aint no Sith gonna mess up my clean white sneaks yo.

4. Star Wars X Vans “Dark Side” Classic Slip-On - Darth Vader

I really like the subtle Darth Vader graphic design on these. What's good with these types of graphic shoes is that you can wear the simplest, most basic clothes, like you don't even have to think of what to pair it up with, just plain colors would be enough, and it would still look good. Don't pair it with anything too colorful or graphic though cause it would clash and would look too much. Simplicity is the key for graphic shoes. 

5. Adidas ZX 700 Star Wars Black Warrior 

This pair doesn't scream "Star Wars" as much as the other pairs, but I like that about it. I love how the colors look good together and it works well for the silhouette of the shoes. Would look good with gray sweaters and sweatpants. At least for me it would.

6.  Star Wars x Vault by Vans 2014 OG Half Cab LX - Yoda/Vader

The Star Wars details on these half-cabs make it look classy and edgy at the same time. I bet it looks good on casual and more experimental outfits because of the plain colors. These are the kind of pair I see myself wearing with any kind of outfit, I think it would go well with anything.

7. Adidas Star Wars Stormtrooper Superskate

These pair looks like what cool kids would wear. lol. I just really liked it because Adidas really put in the storm trooper vibe.

8. Star Wars Adidas Master Yoda Stan Smith

Classic Stan Smiths with the green details. I've never liked the color green but I would wear this pair for Yoda. Very clean looking pair. Looks perfect for summer outfits.

9. Star Wars x Vans Vault OG Era LX Darth Storm

I like the Authentics on the left more than the Old Skool on the right. But both look like it could complete a preppy outfit with the pattern design and bold colors.

10.  Vans X Star Wars Authentic Dark Side Planet Hoth

Seems like it would be quite a challenge to find outfits to go well with these. But the graphic design makes the shoes stand out.

11. Star Wars X Vans Authentic Aloha Yoda

Perfect shoes to wear with summer outfits. Also would be the kind of pair I would buy for my girlfriend.

12. Vans Era Star Wars Classic Repeat

This pair looks like the boyfriend of the previous pair. lol. Buy this one with the previous one and you got yourself matchy couple shoes, if you're into that sort of thing. I see myself wearing this with black outfits and black joggers, the kind you wear during rainy days, while running errands in your millennium falcon.

13.  Nike Dunk Hi SB Star Wars Boba Fett

Nike is a bit late in the Star Wars game, but I'd take these. I'm more of a fan of these Boba Fett Dunks, than I am a fan of Boba Fett the Star Wars character.

14. ZX 700 Star Wars Darth Vader Shoes

I love these more than I could admit. The red details, the silhouette of the ZX 700 which sort of resembles the Nike Cortez, in a way. And that Darth Vader head on the back! These shoes are perfect for Sith training. I'd wear this with sporty outfits while doing active stuff like taking over the galaxy.

15. Adidas Rebel Alliance Superstars

With bright blue hues, these pair looks playful and easy on the eyes. Would look nice with outfits with pastels or bright colors.

16. Adidas Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite

I really like these. That Han Solo detail on the shoe's tongue makes me want it so much. You can never go wrong with gray and black shoes. These would go well with the classiest of outfits. I would wear these with smart casual polo shirts and chino pants. Would look nice on toned down semi-formal outfits, when you wanna look dressed up but don't wanna look like you put in too much effort. The perfect outfit with these shoes must be preserved in memory, lets go freeze you in carbonite.

17. Adidas Originals Star Wars Superstar II LTO - Black Evil

So yeah, there's a lot of Darth Vader shoes in this list. Is it too obvious that I joined the dark side? Basically, black and red are my color. Black matches my soul and Red blends well with the blood of my enemies.

18.  Adidas Originals x Star Wars | “Darth Vader” Ultrastar

The Darth Vader Superstar has a lot of variations. I couldn't decide which I liked more so tadah they're all in this list. lol. This one has gold accents on the red stripe and the words "STAR WARS" on each shoe, and also Darth Vaders face. Its all a bit too much for me, really, but I really like it for some reason. This isn't the type of pair you'd wear on a normal day though, its like those special sneakers you only wear to special events. yeah like the showing of the new Star Wars movie.

19. Adidas x CLOT x Star Wars Superstar II Darth Vader "Darksidestar"

Okay fine, this is the last Darth Vader shoe. Stop complaining, I only like these cause they glow in the dark.

20. Vans Sk8 Hi Yoda

Shoes these like I. Pretty are they.
That was my fail attempt at speaking like Yoda. I just wanna say, Yoda's shoes are the best looking floral shoes I've seen from vans.

21. Adidas x Star Wars At-At ELDORADO

These pair looked like they were from the Jeremy Scott collection, and yeah, I wouldn't wear this if I was just going to the mall. It's like the type you wear to parties and events. It's a bit tacky if you didn't know it was a Star Wars shoe.

22. Adidas ZX800 Star Wars Boba Fett

For some reason, these look very appealing to me. The design is so spot on. It doesn't go with my style but from all the Star Wars shoes I've seen, this one is one of the better designed ones. When you look at Boba Fett then look at these shoes, you know Adidas did a good job. Even got the rusty metal details on point.

23. Adidas Superskate Star Wars Mid

I like these for the reason that its one of the subtle Star Wars shoes, and it would blend well with my style. Also would make a good alternative to snow shoes because of the wool material in the lining inside the shoes.

24. Adidas Skywalker Hoth 

Luke Skywalker doesn't have many shoes to his name. But this looks nice. I would wear it with my layered winter outfits. It would also look nice while defeating an evil Sith lord in the coldness of space.

25. Adidas Star Wars EMPEROR ZX 8000 

These are the kind of pair that I'm not sure if I like, but I don't mind having them. I mean yeah it looks pretty cool. and the extra evilness in it would really make my outfit, but in a way it looks too much. Its like you have to be careful in choosing an outfit for this one. Just like you have to be careful in accidentally choosing the path to the dark side, right Anakin?

There are actually a lot of Star Wars shoes, but I only picked out the ones that I wanna wear and would go with my sense of style. Hope you enjoy this list and tell me which pair you liked on the comments. Thanks for reading!

*All photos used in this post are not mine. credits to sneakernews.com for all the photos above.

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