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Travel Log: An Affordable Stay at North Shore Surf Camp - Baler

Baler is one of my favorite destinations in the PH.
Besides being a top Surfing destination, its one of the most chill beaches, there's not much of a crowd. If you're into peace, quiet and relaxation, I would recommend going here.

Just look at these two dogs in the photo running like the wind without a care in the world. Its like they have the whole beach all to themselves. That's what being in Baler feels like.

What I love about Baler is that when you're there, you tend to appreciate the little things in life more. People there live a simple life. It reflects on the lifestyle and culture of the locals, they are free spirits and it feels so freeing just being there with them.

What more is that being in Baler feels like an adventure. Most of the locals here know how to surf and skate, you can often see them skating the roads (I always regret not bringing my skateboard whenever I go here). There are also downhills spots here for longboarding. In Baler, there are lots of places you can explore. Lots of surf spots you can try.

I love Baler so much that I want to own a beach house here someday, so I can surf and skate whenever I want. That's the dream.

Read more about my recent trip to Baler after the cut.

We left manila at 12am, we rode the van service that North Shore Surf Camp has provided for us. We were picked up in the Makati area and were dropped off at our hotel.

We arrived in Baler at 6am. The weather was gloomy in the morning. But seeing the waves that the typhoon brought, and people surfing made me excited despite the long drive and lack of sleep from our travel.

Our Hotel was located on the farthest stretch of Sabang beach.
There was no crowd, only peace and quiet.

To my surprise, a little kid with a surfboard passed by. So lucky to learn surfing at such a young age.

We checked in at North Shore Surf Camp.

Our original package was:
2 rooms with aircondition good for 10 people, travel service to and from manila included, with free breakfast. the package costs 18,000php in all. There were 10 of us originally so it only costs 1800php per person for an overnight stay.

Such a bargain right? But some of our companions cancelled. which sucks.

So our package was changed to 1 room with aircondition with 3 beds good for 6 people (2 people per bed) and we added an extra mattress for 1000php. In all, costs us 2250php per person for an overnight stay.

Not bad. North Shore Surf camp was very affordable if you want simple amenities.
They don't have Wifi though, but they have a pool, surfboard rental, and surfing lessons.

Surfing lessons cost 300php per hour, surfboard rental included.
If you did not finish the 1hr lesson, it only costs 150php for the instructor fee.

Surfing lessons in Baler are dirt cheap. 
All the more reasons to try surfing for people who have never experienced it before.

The Whitehouse Burger Cafe is the nearest place to buy food in North Shore Surf Camp.
It's located just outside the rooms. They offer typical Filipino breakfasts (silog meals) and western snacks (fries, burgers etc). Price range is 100php-200php for a meal. This is also where you would get your free breakfast.

Such a great place to chill.

Drinking my Buko Pandan shake 80php while watching the waves. This is da lyf.

North Shore's cool shower.

This is my second time in Baler already so I've already gone to the famous tourist spots like Mother Falls and Museo de Baler before. I wasn't able to blog about my first trip, but maybe my blog post about surfing for the first time, might interest you? 

 My primary reason for going back to Baler was just to surf. 
And that's exactly what I did. I just ate, slept, and surfed until it was time to go home.

I made friends with the North Shore Surf Camp's Daschund. 
Her name is winky and she has 4 puppies. She was so nice she let me pet her and her babies and she didn't get mad.The puppies were so cute.

look at this baby dog drinking milk upside down. Too cute.

After eating breakfast and getting settled in our room, I immediately booked a slot for the surfing lesson. The waves were pretty high because of Typhoon "Ineng" but it wasn't raining, just a perfect cloudy day. The high waves were freaking me out, not to mention it was high tide when I took my surfing lessons so I did very bad on my first day of surfing. Its like the waves were eating me alive. I'll talk about my surfing experience on a separate blog post. In the mean time here's a surf video I did during my stay. (click here to watch my surfing video)

Remember the dogs that were watching me when I was being taught how to surf for the first time? Here they are now. lol. I was so giddy to see them again. They don't recognize me though. so sad.

After surfing, we went out for lunch and went to the more crowded part of Sabang beach where all the restaurants and more expensive hotels are located.

I love this place. Its like a scene right out of a surf movie. Being here feels like I'm in the movie, Lords of Dogtown.

We ate lunch at Bayler View's restaurant, and I got to try the famous ChocNut Turon A La Mode 140php for dessert. So heavenly. I am coming back for more of this lol.

The next day, I was up for another surfing lesson, and after that it was time to go home. We left the hotel at 12nn and had lunch at Costa Pacifica, a more expensive hotel.

It was so pretty there. 
Hopefully on my next planned vacation I get to go back and check-in at Costa Pacifica.

The food was a bit on the pricey side but the serving was good for two people. I suggest you share with someone, because I almost didn't finish my Chicken Inasal 350php which had like 6 chicken pieces on sticks. Food was delicious though. Their wood-fired pizza is great.

I also recommend this frozen buko lychee shake 75php.
Its the best!

The view on the way home. 
One of my favorite things when going to Baler, is the scenery you get to see while on the road. You pass by rivers, mountains, and enchanted looking forest, before getting to Sabang beach.

Conclusion: If you want a simple, affordable, no fuss accommodation in Baler, 
with transfer and breakfast, North Shore is the place to go.
More information/photos of North Shore Surf Camp in Trip Advisor. Click Here.

I wish I explored the beach more during my stay, but the travelling during the typhoon kinda rattled me a bit and I wasn't in an adventurous mood. I promise to do so the next time I come back to surf. Until my next blog post!

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