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10 Things I love about the Fujifilm X-A2 (Sample Photos)

Just thought I share a few reasons why I'm so in love with this camera while I show everyone my test shots. I've been bringing my X-A2 (Which I named Holden Caufield) with me everyday, trying to get a hold and feel of it, practicing my skills, and memorizing all its settings. So far I'm very impressed. This thing is so underrated. For its price, its a real winner. If you're interested in pursuing photography, I think it would be a good entry-level camera. 
Read more to know why I love it so much.

The X-A2 has a lot to offer, I probably wouldn't be able to tell you every specific feature, but here are my favorite things about the Fujifilm X-A2

1. Built-in Film Simulation filters

I first got interested in photography because of toy film cameras (My first camera is a Diana lomo camera) my love for film photography never really left. And the moment I found out that the Fujifilm X-series have film simulation, I was so ecstatic. I never thought my digital photos would have that Fujifilm Velvia film effect that I so loved.

Here are the list of built-in filters of the X-A2 


Advanced: Toy camera / Miniature / Pop color / High-key / Low-key / Dynamic tone / Soft focus / Partial color (Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple)

But even without the built-in filters, the colors are already beautiful.

2.  Interchangeable Lens and a wide range of options

The X-A2 is compatible with Fujifilm's X-mount lenses. Fujifilm has a wide range of X-mount lenses available for your X-A2's needs (more than 20 to choose from)

3. Quick Start-up time.

The X-A2 boasts a 2 second start-up time. I never had any lag, once you turn on your camera, it responds very quick and lets you capture your photo immediately upon turning it on. This is a real game-changer.

4. The X-A2 has 49 Focus areas with 7 x 7, Changeable AF frame size

When I found out about this, I was so glad I got this camera. 49 focus points!! with changeable FRAME SIZE. WHAT?! I've been so deprived.

For those who aren't familiar with this setting, it basically lets you focus on a specific area, which would make that area clearer than the rest of the photo. See photos below for reference.

With 49 focus points, what could go wrong? and the AF frame is changeable. (In layman's term, this basically lets you change the size of the area you wanna focus on)

5. Focus Modes

Okay, but there's more. There are lots of focus modes to choose from, the X-A2 boasts all of these focus modes:

Manual Focus / Area AF / Multi AF / Continuous AF / Tracking AF

I think the Tracking AF is really helpful when you're trying to take a moving object's shot, it tracks that moving object and focuses on it while its moving. It would result to interesting photos of action-packed scenes.

6. Extended ISO equivalent to ISO100 / 12800 / 25600

You'll now be able to take really good low-light photos. I was really impressed. I didn't know I could take low-lights as good as these below.

7. 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec Shutter speed

That's a really fast shutter. 

As if the fast shutter isn't enough, there's a continuous shooting mode that has 5.6fps (max 30 frames) and 3fps (max 50 frames).

Now pair your fast shutter with the Tracking AF focus mode, and continuous shooting of 5fps and you will never miss a shot again. See photo below for reference lol.

Some stuff worth mentioning. The X-A2 has a bulb mode with a max of 60 min. You could do some good long exposure stuff with this. Actually you could do a lot of magic with all those settings I mentioned.

8.  A Battery Life that lasts approx 410 frames.

In my experience with the X-A2, I was able to use it for a full 1 and a half days. I was shooting continuously throughout the whole day and was surprised that it still had some juice the next day.

9. Wifi connectivity

Here are some of the most useful features of the X-A2:
Geotagging setup, Image transfer (Individual image / Selected multiple images), View & Obtain Images, PC Autosave, instax Printer Print

It's so satisfying to be able to connect your camera to your mobile device wirelessly. It's so easy for the X-A2, just download the Fujifilm app to your mobile device and you'll be able to transfer your photos in no time.

Another plus is its compatible to the instax printer print! you could transfer your photos to the instax printer and convert it to an instax photo!

10. Tilting LCD screen 180 degrees

Another game-changer feature of the X-A2 is its tilting screen. No one to take your photo? No problem, just take a selfie by tilting your screen.

You could also take effortless low-angle shots by tilting your screen upwards. Over the head shots would be much easier to take with this feature too. I could take better concert photos with this.

We're at the end of my list but there are still a few more things worth mentioning that I love about this camera:

  • It has a hot shoe mount for external flash. This speaks for itself
  • It has a movie recording button shortcut which makes it easier to switch from taking photos to recording a video in no time
  • Its vintage film camera design. The X-A2 resembles an old-school rangefinder. Since I first took interest in film photography before I went digital, this is a real deal-maker for me.
  • It's light and compact! You don't need to bring a heavy DSLR with you anymore. This mirrorless camera is all you need. It doesn't take up much space and its not a pain in the neck to carry. I can't wait to bring it with me when I travel.

 I was really overwhelmed when I was still learning the ways of my X-A2, It's a powerful camera if you only know how to use it. When I finally learned what it could really do, it felt like a whole new world opened up for me. lol. It was like Harry Potter finding out he's a wizard for the first time. That's exactly how I felt. lol. such magic this camera!

Just so you know, this isn't a sponsored post from Fujifilm. (although I wouldn't mind being a brand ambassador *cough cough* loljk) I just wanted to share how great this camera is, and to share this information to everyone who is interested in taking up photography or looking to upgrade their camera.

 All Photos aren't edited in any way. Hope you enjoy this post!

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