Saturday, May 28, 2016

10 Ways I Have Become A Full Time Adult

It's been a long while since I actually wrote something here, I guess it's perfectly safe to say that I have been too busy "adult-ing". 

That being said, I don't think I could write regularly like before because it's hard to maintain this blog with all my adult stuff going on but once in a while I get a little bit of down time and its nice to write about things like I always used to.

I just recently celebrated my 25th birthday (I know, I'm old...I still look 16 tho). Which is why I was inspired to write about adulthood. Celebrating my 25th made me reflect on my life and how far I've gone and everything I have done to get my shit together. Not that I got all my shit sorted out but yeah, I'll get there.

Let me just share the things that I have done that I am very much proud of because it says I'm growing into a ~* mature and responsible adult *~ LOL

People may not believe this but

1. I quit smoking and drinking

Not in the *says occasional drinker but takes 10 shots of Bacardi at parties* kind of quitting.
I quit it period. I have not smoked a cigarette in 2 years. I now avoid drinking/partying/bar night invitations at ALL costs. Most people know that I used to be a heavy drinker/party-goer but yeah those days are long gone. You could not make me go to parties and drinking sessions anymore unless you gag me, tie me up, and throw me in the trunk of your car.

You might be wondering how I did this, how easy it was for me to quit. Well, I just realized that smoking felt good and all but being healthy and using the full capacity of my lungs and climbing stairs without running out of breath FELT WAY BETTER.

And I realized that if you can't be with your friends sober, then those people probably aren't your friends. Why do you need alcohol as a social lubricant anyways? I'm done hanging out with people who need alcohol to hang out. I'm still up for a glass of wine and a bottle of beer for occasions but fuck bars, and fuck drinking sessions, and fuck people who need alcohol to have a good time. I'm done with that shit. It's a waste of money and I have better shit to do.

2. I've been taking good care of my health

I've been running marathons which actually helped me quit smoking. I have a Platinum Fitness First membership and it's one of the things I don't regret spending on. It's a good way to get regular exercise and stay healthy. They have different classes you could take like High Intensity Training, Aerobics, core and strength workouts, hip-hop classes, you name it. Personally, I take the core yoga classes 2-3 times a week. I love it.

Still failing on the "Eating Healthy" department though.

3. My wardrobe has been upgraded

I now have sets of ties, tie clips, cuff links, bow ties, and suits. I pay a lot more attention to how I dress for work than how I dress when going out. It makes a good impression and it actually helps motivate me to work harder. Gone are my statement shirts and grungy scene kid outfits (lol) I actually dress a lot simpler now when going out. I'm good to go with a plain white shirt and some chino pants.

I still wear colorful socks though and I'd like to keep it that way. There has to be some compromise right. Yeah and I'm not giving up my sneaker collection too.

4. I already have life insurance at 21 years old

A Life Insurance Policy is the most expensive thing I bought when I was 21. On my first year of working, I was already paying for my life insurance for the next 5 years. Now that I'm 25, one more year to go and I'm done paying for it.

Got my insurance from Philam Life (Strategic Growth Fund) which also provides investment returns. It's a life insurance policy which has mutual funds as an investment which is put into the stock market. It has already grown 8% since the beginning. I'm glad that if ever anything happens to me, my life insurance will be there to help take care of my family. The insurance also includes serious diseases, and disability. God forbid anything happens to me, at least this insurance policy will be there as a fallback.

5. I am invested in the Philippine Stock Market

I trade the Philippine stock market like srz bznz. I have already grown my money 28% and I have only started trading 5 months ago. No bank could ever give you that high of a return. This, I'm very proud of myself because I not only invest my money in the stock market, but I invest in books, seminars, and lots and lots of my time in actually learning to trade the market. I consider myself very good at what I do. given I still have losses from time to time, but as long as I'm beating the returns of banks, I'm very happy.

I'm glad and proud to be part of the 1% of Filipinos who are actually investing in the stock market. Especially when all my peers are busy spending their money recklessly.

6. I have a house and lot to my name

Going through the process of buying a house made me feel like a real adult. Like a right of passage. It was a bit difficult to deal with all the paper works and requirements. Most of the time I felt like I didn't know what I was doing and wanted to get my mom lol

7. Being financially literate/stable

I am also glad to have parents who are so smart in handling money, they didn't spoil me growing up. They taught me the real value of money and hard work. at 25 years old, I'm glad to say I'm not one of those people who only survives until the next payday. I know how to save, invest, and grow my money.

At 25 I have experienced opening credit, checking, and passbook accounts. I have a time-deposit account, I already have a solid retirement plan, and an emergency fund. Still working on my Travel fund tho.

8. Choosing the quality of my friends over the quantity

Growing up also means growing apart from some of your friends. My only advice is to stay friends with the people who bring out the best in you. At 25, It feels exhausting to keep being friends with people who don't have your best interests at heart. Life is too short. Cut ties with toxic people. Forget anyone who didn't make it to your present. Give only the quality of your time to high quality people in your life.

9. Spending my time and energy only on things that are important to me and people who matter

At 25, I tend to see a lot of things that aren't worth my time and energy. For example; caring what other people think. And another; Trying to please everyone.

I only spend time on things that I could benefit from and what could make me be a better person. 

Life is so much better when we forget about things that hold us back and focus only on our passions, the things we live for, and what we want out of life. 

Here are some of the things I live up to at 25;
Stop looking for approval and do whatever makes you happy. Stop waiting for praise before you do quality work. Stop making excuses for yourself and just do whatever it is you want to do. Stop holding yourself back. Stop wasting your time and energy on un-important things and people who don't matter.

10. Paying for my own bills

The true mark of an adult. Since I graduated college, I have been paying for my own bills. Phone bills, Credit card bills, Medical bills. From getting my own medicine when I'm sick to paying for my daily meals, I have been able to take care of finances. I make it a point to refrain myself from asking help from my parents, whether financially or elsewhere I like to be able to take care of things myself.

This marks the end of my list. Though there are times when I truly have no idea what I'm doing with my life and I just wanna stay in bed and adult another day. I remind myself that although adulthood is hard, I still managed to do the things in this list which counts for something I guess.

The point of doing this list is to inspire you and myself to be better adults. Hopefully I will be able to add a few more items in a few years (not looking forward to that). 

At 25, I can't say I have all my shit together,
At 25, I feel just as lost as I was when I was 21 and fresh out of college
At 25, I cannot say that I have everything figured out

But by god look at how hard I have tried.

Let the quarter-life crisis commence. I am ready. Bring it on.

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