Sunday, September 10, 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Travel Vlog - Part 2 | Day 2 - 3 of our Training, Petronas Towers, KL Tower, and Atmosphere 360

Posting the 2nd part of Sky's vlog. On the 2nd Day of our corporate training in Malaysia, nothing much happened we were all super busy working long nights, preparing presentations and such. But on the 2nd night we had some time for ourselves and we decided to explore the areas near our hotel. We got lost at some parts of our exploring, you're gonna have to see it for yourselves in the video. 

During our little adventure,we got to check out KL tower and Petronas tower, took photos and walked around, it was fairly easy travelling by train, and most locals were helpful if you need directions.

About Petronas Towers;
Also known as the Petronas Twin Towers, it used to be the tallest building in the world from 1998 - 2004, and the most famous landmark in Malaysia.

At first I didn't have much opinion on the building but when I saw it up close at night with all its magical lights I cannot help but be mesmerized at its beauty. It's really one of the greatest structures in the world. You'll stand in awe of it when you see it in person. I'm glad we made this quick trip to the towers after all the chaotic things that happen in our training.

On the third day, we had a Team Building activity scheduled. It was supposed to be a Breakout Room sort of thing but it didn't push through so we just went bowling. I was a little disappointed about that. I was expecting something new and different.

After bowling we had time to prepare and dress up fancy shmancy because we were scheduled to go to KL Tower's Viewing deck and have a fancy shmancy dinner at Atmosphere 360.

About KL Tower;
This is a communications tower in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and is the 7th tallest freestanding tower in the world. You could imagine the view is spectacular. Especially at night.

KL Tower Viewing Deck was pretty awesome. This is one of the tourist spots I wanted to go to in Malaysia so I was pretty happy I could cross this off my list. In the video, you could see how it's like being inside the viewing deck. After our tour of the viewing deck, we went to Atmosphere 360 for dinner.

About Atmosphere 360;
It is a restaurant situated 350m high inside the KL Tower. They serve local and international cuisine and offer panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur Skyline.
oh, and get this...it spins 360 degrees while you eat! it's insane. The floors move around like a merry go round. although very slowly, while you eat and enjoy the amazing view.

Remember that the night before we went here in Atmosphere 360 we stayed up all night exploring Malaysia and then we had to wake up early to attend training. We had very little sleep and I felt so light headed and dizzy during training, we barely ate too because we have to meet our deadlines. And I felt very sick to my stomach and then BAM we were gonna eat 350m high up on a spinning restaurant. WTF. I almost threw up. I felt so dizzy lol. But the view was worth it, I have to admit. although it's a bit sad I didn't get to eat as much as I wanted because the food was really good, or else I would've vomited and that's just no good in a business dinner. I just ate 3 sticks of chicken satay a few spoonfuls of rice and that's it. But I'm not kidding it was the best chicken satay I've ever tasted in my life. Hopefully I could go back in better health condition and enjoy the food.

That's it for the Travel Vlog Part 2. More videos coming in the next few days. 
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